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Connection Birth 

Are you having a baby? Feeling overwhelmed by all of the things in Pregnancy, birth, parenthood and postpartum? Or just want an extra support person? Hiring a doula can be a very useful way to help with all of these things and more! A Doulas job is to work together with the birthing person and their family to talk about what support works best for you. 

What does a doula do exactly? A Doula is a support person trained in giving physical, emotional, and informative support. We are taught about many things ranging from the process and stages of childbirth, positioning of the baby, acupressure, aroma therapy, coping mechanisms, comfort measures, and different positions that can aid in comfort, fetal rotation, and pain relief during pregnancy and childbirth. A doula works together with the birther and their family to determine what kind of support works best for you and your family dynamic. As well as supporting the birther, we are there to answer any questions you or your partner may have. With all this amazing support doulas can offer it is always good to remember that doulas are not trained medical professionals, and will not be proving medical care or advice throughout any point of pregnancy and birth. Our job is to unbiasedly inform you on the options you have, and the risks and benefits of those options to the extent of our knowledge, so you can feel confident in deciding for yourself or further discussing with your provider. There are so many different kinds of doulas and each one advertises different services, when looking at doulas to hire think of some questions you may have for them during your initial interview. - Theanna H.T

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